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      Scott Moe Takes a Seat

      REGINA – Scott Moe brags on every form of media, including highway billboards, that he "stands up for Saskatchewan". Now he takes a seat. "The Saskatchewan people know what is right and what is wrong, and it appears that RM councillors have no problem in recognizing the immorality of accepting ...
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      Saskatchewan Liberal Party Lines Up Election Platform

      REGINA - The Saskatchewan Liberal Party’s Annual General Meeting and Policy Convention took place in Regina on the weekend of May 4th. Following the party’s invitation to members to submit policy resolutions on issues that matter the most to Saskatchewan citizens, new guidance was given to the leadership of the ...
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      Sask Liberal Analysis of the 2019/20 Provincial Budget

      On March 20, 2019, the Sask Party government released Saskatchewan’s 2019/20 budget, lling it the ‘right balance’ for Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Liberals were present at the unveiling of the budget and our analysis shows that this budget is not the ‘right balance’ the Sask Party claims it to be. The ...
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      About Us

      We're an open and independent politil movement working to help Saskatchewan people, families and businesses grow and prosper through the principles of personal liberty, free enterprise and responsible government.

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      Leader Naveed Anwar and the Saskatchewan Liberal team are working hard to bring real change for Saskatchewan people through a strong and diversified economy, sustainable communities, leadership in health re, edution that works for everyone, and more open and efficient government.